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The fund can be applied to system development, cloud services, web design or any other related expertise.

If you’re not particularly outgoing, it’s often easy for nerves to take hold before you have your first speed dating experience.

If you go to an event with a fun, open and relaxed mindset, you’re much more likely to get the most out of the evening.

People are going to be attracted to you because of your personality.

There may be qualities about you that someone will be refreshed to see. Eye contact is an important way of showing that you are listening and building a connection.

Arriving with a group of friends and having a few drinks or a meal first can be a great way of making a night of things. Don’t stare though, just make sure you meet their gaze from time to time. Don’t be overconfident though as arrogance is not a turn on! This is the ideal time to show a connection, even a simple handshake can ignite a spark with the right person.

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Yes, at a trade fair booth you do meet many people all day, over and over, but overall this is ad hoc whereas speed networking is planned and extremely methodical in nature.