A process for consolidating and reusing design knowledge

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A process for consolidating and reusing design knowledge

(pics attached) These dealers who proposed reuse are selling Trane (2 yrs labor) and Carrier (5 yrs L, yrs 2-5 through Carrier).

Am I at risk of having the manufacturer's parts warranty or portion of the labor warranty being voided if something fails due to a botched line reuse?

Today, it is almost impossible to develop an entire product from scratch.

Reuse of design becomes necessary to maintain continuity and connectivity.

I dont see a problem reusing the lines (although I replaced them in my house).

If you are going to reuse the lines then they need to have driers installed.

Could you offer any advice on questions I should be asking about how they intend to flush and reuse the lineset? Does the fact that my old system has a leak have an impact? Any pointers on how the lineset should or should not look outside after they're done (pics of current attached)?

(I know this is wishing alot) If at all possible that lineset should be changed. I will ask them for new quotes to include replacement of the lineset.

Design reuse involves many activities utilizing existing technologies to cater to new design needs.

The ultimate goal of design reuse is to help the developers create better products maximizing it's value with minimal resources, cost and effort.

The warranty I sell is better than the manufacturers brand extended warranty and costs less then the price a of new line set.

The new unit probably has a 12 inch minimum clearance on all sides, maybe more on other sides. Storck - Looks like you've got a tough job to change the lineset. Make sure they get rid of the kink outside (cut and splice), use driers, triple evacuate, and move the unit away from meter and fence. There are several different ways to look at this: "All brand new or R-22" or Keep the existing line set, insist they flush using RX-11 followed by a nitrogen purge and deep evacuation (hopfully the installer has a micron gauge).

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At first we replaced every existing line set when we did a change out with 410a.

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