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Accommodating special needs students in classrooms

; (2) What are the perceived needs of general education teachers in relation to accommodating special education students in their classrooms?; and (3) In what ways can administration support general education teachers in accommodating special education students?

As such, an action research project was initiated to explore three main research questions: (1) What challenges do special education students present for general education teachers in inclusive classrooms?The study assessed how teachers' attitudes towards inclusion of children with disability are affected by the teachers' personal characteristics and are related to the accommodations they deem necessary for admission of such children to their kindergartens.It also examined whether the teachers' attitudes and requirements for accommodations differ in respect of four groups of children's disabilities: learning disabilities, sensory/motor disabilities, ADHD, and emotional disabilities.The current study aims at identifying child, teacher and environmental barriers to inclusion.Specifically it addresses the importance of preschool teachers' attitudes as the human environment factor that may facilitate inclusion of children with disability, and teachers' major concerns about environmental accommodations that inclusion implies.

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The findings identify general education teachers' need for better communication, professional development concerning children with disabilities, and a need for more planning time.

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