Acholics dating custody

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Acholics dating custody

It goes without saying that if one parent is totally irresponsible or time and time again has exhibited out of control behavior or puts the children in danger due to reckless behavior, than all bets are off for any participation.

A substantial amount of time must pass in order for the alcoholic/addict to demonstrate a responsible, tethered clean and sober life style, before supervised visits or co-parenting can occur.

Regardless of how the contract shakes out between the two of you, the important factor here is that there is a solid commitment and understanding in writing.

I still struggle 2 years after our divorce to understand how my ex could have let alcohol ruin our marriage and family.

As an alcoholic, they don't think what they are doing is wrong.

What I mean by this, is that that parent should WRITE down what their expectations are when the child/children are in the supervision of the alcoholic/addict parent.

If the separation or divorce is somewhat amicable and the children's happiness and their well being is of paramount importance to both father and mother, then I have advised my clients to reiterate their hope and desire that the children can have two loving parents.

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It's in writing and confusion can therefore not be an excuse.