Adult hook up jamestown newyork only fress no registration

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Adult hook up jamestown newyork only fress no registration

You must go to vote in the precinct in which you live. "If anyone has any doubt as to where they should vote, they should call this office at 427-4667," she said. We've only had about 1,(XX) new registrations since the last update, and that number is very low." ^amm"$»yt^ ■ - i Police appeal to council for pay hike ^Lee Cahill , Public Affairs Writer A Vir^a Beach police officer, charging intimidation by City Manager George L. Aydiette, who said that he did not come as a police officer but as president of the Fraternal Ordo- of Police, Princess Anal Lodge No.

Hanbury] comfdained to city uncil Monday afternoon that police personnel will receive ^ pay raise during 1978-79 of less than five percent. 8, asked for ponussion to speak at Monk's meeting rather than wait for the public hearing on the budget which has not been sdieduled.

HEIRLOOM CLUB I would like to introduce you to the HEIRLOOM CLUB. The Heirloom Club plan permits you to obtain their on Amorir H'ii mowt unique and litienil payment plan buy lw(i unit. B9aeh,¥a.2HSi 4 MMtor ef ttt ita Mrtaw See Mr ef rrmf 4|Mls.

You will bt able to acquire the exelualve Princeu Heritage Monogrammed l^vartan China, with hand-cut, hand blown crystal iteniware and and mi Aching. Sumi Mr art program scheduled at VWC For the teirth consecittbe year, Virginia Westeyan i M^e is e Obriiv a special sunnier fvogram fcr rising high Id MOl sodors and 1978 gra&Mtes.

Did you start a course in beauty culture and not ftnish? Special Offer Cummings itamed Ibtj I^abeth Cnaun- iiga of 61« Lake Sbam aond, Viri^ Beadi. tised car, lioat guides ivailable la the aitfket lar a as«l or bo Bl T The Vlrghda _ l Pllh■c Llbraqf■v• _^ I Reto«Me Dhr Wen h M t^ NJLDA. May20at]0«BL l S37Ladd BRo Mi AUCn ON&n JEA MARKET .

was s|MBg the ym KOBm Unl- ' ** ^-^ --- attahring k^ the h D. OOdal Used dr Qrfde ead ga UM lor h M hens • h MMM^ eiw- kfito. 857 Battlefield Boulevard, S., Great Bridge Phone: 482-3248 Gift certificates available throughout the year taid Pelitkol DON i RKirr CANDIDATE FOR CITY COUNCIL Lynnhaven Borough WNit a difference an election year makes when you want to ctjt tax rat^ while assessed valuations climb.

I t P "^ Fo M" Itevii Jrt Hoa took a ill ronad 01W Ri ^Moad 's Doc Boom $ita Sarin ki a to^ ««t ta his rmt» to wh Miag the Vlifliita State Il w yw ^ k l Cham Nou Mp. APUL M, tf9t 7A 4S(/Ay rev/ew (.* Symphony performance sets audience toes tapping t By PAMVANDEYECtt SUNNew*£ut" as ^narrator in the ', symphony's performance of Prokofiev's *'Peter and the Wolf. 67." , This ^^vhtful cfaildroi's tale featuring musical characterizations of the young boy Peter uid his animal frieiuls brought many a smile to the faces in the •udioice.

Hanbury api Muently thought otherwise, Aydiette said that in a rei^it i^one call from Hanbury, Hanbury said that he would be speaking as Dete(^ve Ayt Uette, not top i»re»dent Aydiette.

Additional information regarding the summer art pro gram can be obtained by contacting the Virginia Wesleyan admission office. SLENDER NOW Doctor Recommended Guaranteed Weight Loss IT'S A FOOD...

Highlighi Moihers Dav uith our frosiiii^' special .50 (shoii hair) WHY NOT FINISH! 5/3 4t OROTR OF PUBLICATION ORDER OF PUBLICATION ORDI ROI- IHJBIK^ATION ORDER OTPUBLICATICW ORDER OF PUBLICATION In the Cterki Office f A the CSroiit Court of the Qty of Virgioia Beach, Va. NOT A FAD 497^37 486-2535 NOTE ai^ AUTO Norlfic j County KSt Co; »r r 21- Aucion Pnvams at V A L8nri B S*miiv.

He missed quite a few, and absorbed quite a few, but this is part of a slugger's strategy.

A few months ago Ken Norton was repeatedly peppered by a little-known Ilalian, Lorenzo Zanon.

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