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Allaboutdatingsites com

When a problem happens, they are quick to blame ABK*Soft, although their servers are *supposedly* configured to work perfectly with Able Dating!!!

I've been online since before the internet had a user interface, and I must say that the three (3) worst online customer service experiences I have *ever* had include ABK*Soft and Vista Pages.

I want to test their software before I pay, because you say its a scam, so can you please send it to me to my email : budgetstation [@] gmail dot com Thanks PHPFox does have some bad marks... I would only reconmend buying this software if you PHP skills are good or very good.

Able was good with me but I had to ask everyday to get code fixed that should of been working in the first place.

If you see the writing in these forums about Able dating, the good reviews are written by the people selling the software (just look at the spelling mistakes and the new users and lack of postings) Firstly, the support is good presale and then non-existent and very poor and rude.They claim to have an office in California, but it is no doubt either a broom closet or a mailbox.The software is buggy, and one has to either modify it or pay for programming help to make it actually work properly.Again the new people on this WHT Forum praising Abledating are the scammers themselves. Yes support can be sometimes not very fast, but if you look at the demo and read the letters from your thankful customers after one month of work, it will be ok for you. Instead of writing up reviews of your site, you should be packing your bags as I know the Russian police will not be happy with all the documentation that quite a few of your scam victims have had. Early last year I purchased the full Able Dating package, including a custom logo design.We will be seeing you soonhello everyone i confirm that ABK-SOFT is a total scam they also never wanted to refund me in the 30day (i didnt have the will to go in court over russia for that and they so know that ...) so my advice is STAY AWAY FROM ABK-SOFT the script is a mess to work with it comme with lots of bug support is REAL BAD they always gonna charge you for EVERYTHING ex: you have a site named blabla1 and want to change is name to blabla2 it will cost you 300$ only for that and the list goes on and on its so bad that i cant event speak with them my partner does cause i only wanna tell them to go .... Of course, the entire cost was quickly taken from my credit card, but it took *many* months before I could actually get a custom logo design.

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Secondly they claim any bad reviews are from competitors.

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