Ana ivanovic dating

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Ana ivanovic dating

Now if you are wondering where all this "Bachelor" guff comes from, you can thanks the show's producer.As Scott celebrated his playoff win against Angel Cabrera at Augusta, Robert Mills had himself a fantastic idea.She was eliminated by Venus Williams in the 2007 US Open.

She’s won eight other WTA titles and five ITF titles but at the end of October had slipped to No.

But when Adam Scott began dating Serbian tennis stunner Ana Ivanovic it looked to be a match-up to make all males green with envy.

But like Clarke and Bingle, and Norman and Evert, Scott and the also former world no.

She lost her first match under her new manager when she was fifteen years old and cried out of fear of her being dropped from the agency.

She was ranked fourth in Women's Tennis in the year 2007.

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Former professional tennis player who was ranked #1 in the world in 2008.