Are tanith and evan still dating

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Are tanith and evan still dating

i think if he were to come out, he'd be making a really great statement about gay skaters - that they don't always have to be flamboyant or over-the-top, like weir.he'd be making the statement that gay skaters can simply be gifted skaters, without all the frills and lace and shopping sprees.or - to be more controversial - if johnny thinks (like me) that evan's actually "on the DL," and is grossed out by the fact that he's hiding his sexuality with this vixen of a beard known as tanith belbin - who, no offense to evan, could easily catch herself a hot, buff hockey player.honestly, there's just something about evan's overly-moisturized, perfectly-scruffy-fied face and demeanor that just has me perplexed by his whole tanith relationship.of course, those are definitely not implicating factors, but consider this: maybe he's distancing himself from gay skaters like johnny in an effort to repress a side of him that he doesn't want to let out. Thank you for sharing that with me.” He refused to attack Weir, adding, “I’m not going to say anything bad about him, because I admire him.” It's interesting that in Russia, figure skating is considered an uber-male sport - like wrestling. While Plushenko and Joubert are the straightest men in skating - that is kinda like being the thinnest person at the Golden Corral. Lysacek has something to prove from the last year's finish, but the two people with the absolute most to prove are Johnny Weir and Jeffery Buttle.Both are coming off of awful years, and while Weir has so far had a much better year than Buttle, both have something to prove.both lambiel and takahashi are innately artistic, genuinely expressive, and lambiel's got a quad in his back pocket. one night, one performance shouldn't really define an artist's ability (which is probably why kwan was overmarked at the '02 olympics - and was able to hang onto bronze, despite sasha's superior performance - which was fine, since i like michelle).and to the post right above me, i'd agree that technically difficult programs are given a greater weight nowadays under the new scoring system. and while weir may have been more naturally artistic with his skate, evan's had a history of outperforming, outscoring, and outshining weir at international competitions - namely, the worlds and olympics, etc.

Ever wonder why it's rare to see him hanging with other male skaters?just shows that joubert is probably just comfortable and secure enough in his own sexuality.plushenko's very straight - and so are alot of the russian skaters.I'm betting - early- that worlds will end with a 123 of Weir-Lambiel-Lysacek. There is a certain common sense missing from this current scoring system.And just so others who happen by know who we're speaking of (or for the gays who just want to look): Evan Lysacek: Johnny Weir: Stephane Lambiel: Jeffery Buttle: Weir has had a pretty strong year actually, and even tho I'm not a huge fan of his, I thought he should have outright placed first over Lysacek. I like Evan a lot but if he can clutz his way through the majority of his jumps, yet still score the highest total for Long Program ever, that is bogus. We'll see a high point earning program win the gold despite being emotionless and meaningless.

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whereas evan has medaled at worlds, weir has never done so.

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