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Asp designer file not updating

You can also open a Remote Site, which like Visual Studio 2003, requires installing the Front Page extensions on the remote or local server (accessed through HTTP).

The Remote Site configuration is more rigid in that you have to explicitly add files to the project as it doesn’t auto-detect content.

NET and Visual Studio can figure out from the directory structure how to display, compile, and run that project without any manual configuration or an explicit compilation step.

As shown in Figure 1, to open an existing Web Project you can simply point at a directory in the file system and open it as a Web site.

I’ll look at the project system, the page parsing mechanism and page compilation, and how applications deploy.

For example, if you have a root Web site that has subdirectories that are in turn virtual directories, a Remote Site prevents importing all the child virtual directories, which is not the case with file projects.NET 2.0 with the new compilation and deployment features.They completely overhauled the way that page compilation works in the new version without breaking the way that original compilation worked in ASP. The motivation behind these changes in the model was to make it easier to use ASP. In Visual Studio 2003, creating a new project-or even worse trying to open an existing project moved from another machine-was a fairly involved process that required creating a virtual directory, ensuring that Front Page extensions were installed, and making sure that the project file was configured correctly to point at the virtual directory before you could even start to look at the project.Other than that there is not a big difference from a file-based project.An FTP site opens a remote site through an FTP connection and it uses FTP to figure out the project structure in much the same way as a file-based project does, so everything is pulled into the project.

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The file system project is the easiest and most common way to open a project.

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