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Personally, I could care less what other people believe as long as their hearts are in the right place.What are our chances of building a relationship that will go the distance? When it comes to choosing a marriage partner, people often react simply on the basis of emotions. No over the top religious stuff, but we go to church here and have god in our house. I think a good religious upbringing can teach A LOT of good to our young ones. I also went to a classic private catholic school as a kid. We met before he became a priest but I supported him pursuing it.The focus is to teach the kids, not shove things down their throat. :)I guess the thing that I wouldn't like is that all Christian denominations besides the Mormons that I can think of believe in salvation by faith. I think the key is that we both respect each other.You enjoy one another’s company and have highly compatible personalities.Those are important ingredients when it comes to building a lasting relationship and laying a firm foundation for a successful marriage. It’s an arrangement within which spouses have to learn how to cooperate, work together, and hammer out mutually satisfactory compromises.It was for me to be with this godless man, and I let it get to me. He's way more Christ like than any of the Christian men I dated!" so screw anyone who judges him without getting to know him Religion just isn't a huge deal for me.

I'm with you, wife is Lutheran I'm atheist.He never complains about the money I give to the church or Christian charities, nor about the time I spend working on church projects.My church is part of the ELCA, focused on love, charity, and acceptance, and he says that he sees its value as an institution even though he doesn't subscribe to the underlying doctrine.Even though we come from largely different place, we often end up reaching the same conclusions when it comes to community, relationships, etc. Like, i'm not saying it's bad, but I just can't fathom it, especially from his point of view.I'm athiest, but I have alot of experience with Christians.

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