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Sure you can go to the cinema or stay in your hotel and read a book but you can do that at home too, can’t you?

Plus health insurance, visa costs (many nationalities including American, Western European and Australian receive a free 30 day visa on arrival) and costs for any souvenirs you buy like a handbag for your new girlfriend or dried mangos for your mom.Unreasonable prices for condos given the generally poor building standards.Increasing number of both road accidents and criminal rates. I don’t want to comment on all these points as I personally think life in Thailand is as good and fun as ever if you weigh off all the pros and cons (and the fact that the US Dollar to Thai Baht exchange rate is currently very attractive).You can then conveniently have some chat and arrange several meetings with the girls from your home – before you even started your holiday.The great thing about the dating sites is that the girls usually only expect you to pay for dinner, ice cream, coffee, movie ticket or whatever you are doing together and don’t want money for sex.

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Yes, of course you can do it cheaper than that (especially if you replace the 2,000 Baht a day for Thai girls with 1,000 Baht by signing up on one of the popular online dating sites instead of paying a hooker for sex).