Avg keeps updating

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Avg keeps updating

You may notice experience slow startups if you recently installed AVG.

In fact, it can take 10 minutes or more for the program to perform its initial scan when you first install the program.

If there is no "Program Files (x86) " folder, open the Program Files folder.

Delete all the folders with the "AVG" prefix, except the highest-numbered version.

AVG is available as a free anti-virus program and as part of a premium Internet security suite that offers enhanced protection.

For example, if you're running "AVG2013," delete folders with names like "AVG2012" and "AVG9." Restart the computer to restore proper AVG functionality.

If you're positive the file you're trying to down is not infected and AVG keeps blocking it, you can add the file type to the File Exclusions list or temporarily disable AVG to bypass the download block.

The file in question may be infected if the other downloads work.

If a file is infected, AVG recommends updating the AVG program and running a full system scan.

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When Windows launches, it starts AVG along with other programs and services that the operating system needs to run.

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