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Bachata naked

I think there are merits to both sides of the argument, and I won’t go into them here.I want to be clear that I don’t disparage sensual bachata in and of itself.

Each year there seems to be more meet-up groups and more bars offering noches de bachata or noches latinas.(You could make similar arguments of salsa zouk and kizomba [though not swing] – but I would argue that bachata has accelerated its demand for sexiness in recent years).The leaders in the scene are not necesarily to blame. It’s just unfortunate that it’s such a predominant component of selling bachata these days. But I now do it once in a while instead of every other day, so this is a pretty big change for me.From the spiciest traditional to the slowest and most lyrical remix, I enjoy it all.

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You get the chance to practice what you learned with friends from the class or meet others who are just arriving for the social dancing. If you’re more interested in salsa, you should join The Host on Thursdays for class (see below).

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