Backdating child support

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Backdating child support

She read them the riot act and they backdated it to when I applied, which is what the legislation says.

Otherwise it would be unjust, because it's not your fault if you have to go to court and get parentage testing etc. Unless you made backdating a part of your lodgement to the courts then it won't be backdated.

If you pay the overdue child support, we may reduce or remove the penalty from your account.

Are you telling me that YOU MAKE THE LAWS - because if that is the case - then the MEDIA would love to know about it and I am sure the COURTS OF LAW WOULD LOVE TO KNOW that some bureaucrat apparantly makes the rules - I mean - we may as well get rid of judges, lawyers and everything else that this country stands on to keep order! MUD WORLD will take over Brisbane on Oct 5/6 and features five age-appropriate play zones for kids 0- 12 years. With unique environments that are both inspiring and challenging, the passionate educators and program philosophy aims to give children the best opportunities.

Heck - let's get mob rule on board' I said 'well we better let all the prisoners out of prison - because they don't have to be there do they - let's let the rapists and murderers out because even though I judge said they should be in jail - clearly they don't have to do what the court of law says! Poor CSA lady - she didn't have a very good afternoon after that I don't think.

Can anyone tell me if the Section 106A does not stipulate that the childsupport be back dated if the CSA will backdate or if I will have to lodge an application for reassessment?

I REALLY DO NOT want FOB having access to my financials in order to get CS for the period before the S106A was granted. I was told the same thing and complained to my legal aid person.

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