Boyish dating sim guide are kelly and val dating

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Boyish dating sim guide

(You can bet Landon’s going to work on that time travel device forever to get back to her, though…) Sabe immediately goes to the warehouse to find Roland.

Sim Girl Cheat Codes: ------------ Submitted by: Haspa Extra money and high stats: --------------------------- Enter "testbug" as a name to get ,999 dollars and high stats.

The store owner is a weird-looking floating dude in a top hat who stole the tokens he’s selling. I think it’s the goggles on his hat: Sabe just wanders into this warehouse and says, “Um…. Nathan compliments how Sabe looks in the outfit that he bought for her. Super middle school-ish and not for me, but Sabe Teddy’s big brother who works in a lab and wears a lab coat. Although Sabe likes Emmett, we’re eliminating him as a love interest. Sabe returns to the present time and chats with Landon for a bit to decide if he is a contender for her heart. Here’s what we learn: 1.) he’s scared of scary movies and doesn’t like Teddy watching so many of them, 2.) he wears contact lenses because he thinks glasses make him look like a nerd, like he was in high school (I sense he got teased a lot…), 3.) he won a lifetime supply of chapstick on the internet, and 4.) . You can tell he’s a late bloomer — someone who had a hard time in high school because he was overweight and wore glasses, but now he’s fit and handsome and his brains make him even more desirable. And then, I , but Landon and Sabe topple over on top of each other. But it gives Landon a chance to get personal: Landon says he lost weight and started wearing contact lenses so Sabe would stop paying attention to Teddy and start paying attention to .Soooo Sabe says the strangest thing to Nathan, which is that good people die young and she . Maybe they’re going to make the best odd pair in steampunk world… let’s use the 2000 HP to work like mad, make fat stacks, and buy a plastic boyfriend! He can memorize faces, names, and all kinds of information. After chatting a bit more with Roland, we get here: . =) Back to the present time period to see what happens with Landon and Oz.I notice that when Sabe has two conversation options, if she chooses the “wrong” one, a little sweat icon will appear over her head. His advance chat software makes him a great companion to have around. First, Sabe goes to her room and chats with Oz, learning 1.) he likes the color orange, 2.) he likes the stickers that Sabe gives him.Teddy reminds me a bit of Donald from — kind of a little jerk to the girls he likes, and maybe not the brightest, but he’s probably got a secret good side to him. Teddy takes Sabe to his brother Landon in the laboratory () to see Landon’s Time Jumper device: Landon is reluctant to let Sabe or Teddy use it because it’s just a prototype, but eventually he caves.There’s a giant hole in the sky that lets people with the Time Jumper go back 100 years in time, but it will close in 30 days.

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then you get to know them, and it turns out they have sick grandmas they’re taking care of or lost loves in their pasts and they’re really good-hearted people, they’re just a little shut off from others. I still have to wonder why Sabe wasn’t able to snog nothing happens.

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