Cacti device status not updating Sex online cam2cam

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In reply to your comment that file/directory ownership/permissions may be the issue, I will share what I have found to be useful for my Cacti installations that run on Open BSD (aka, your placement and syntax may vary with other systems): chown -R www:www /var/www/htdocs/* echo 'web directories reset to www:www ownership' chmod -R 777 /var/www/htdocs/cacti/plugins/* chmod -R 777 /var/www/htdocs/cacti/log/* chmod -R 777 /var/www/htdocs/cacti/rra/* echo 'cacti plugin, log, and rra directories set to full r,w,x' I use weathermaps heavily in cacti and often find myself having to reset permissions over and over throughout and this has save me the headache of thinking about it constantly.777 may be too open for these sections security-wise, and if so, I would gladly appreciate a better setting to be mentioned that still provides usability of the application.Goldschmidt, it is also traditional to enhance the limits of geochemical analysis by the development of special methods and equipment.Our University has a well known tradition in geochemistry, established by Viktor Moritz Goldschmidt.Nowadays at our Faculty of Geosciences a wide spectrum of geochemical methods is used in basic and applied geosciences, with special attempt on ICP mass spectrometry and isotope geochemistry.

Geshev (munmap) bug#0002455: Incomplete and incorrect input parsing leads to remote code execution and SQL injection attack scenarios bug#0002456: CVE-2014-5025 / CVE-2014-5026 - Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability - Special Thanks to Adan Alvarez and Paul Gevers bug: Fix COMMENT handling, even in case COMMENT is empty, with or without HR and with variable substitution bug: Fix issues when SNMP data holds a "="; "explode" must be treated accordingly bug: Fix filter highlighting on data sources for the data template field bug: correct description of SNMP V3 parameters feature: Added native jquery, jqueryui, and jstree feature: Fixed issues with ' Clear' under preview not working feature: Added new Tree navigation feature: Added Columns and Thumbnails to Preview feature: Added Columns to Tree (Preview only) feature: Both Graphs and Columns default to ' Default' feature: Resolved Left hand navigation taking entire page feature: Added new graph zoom to tree view and preview offering a "quick" (default) and an "advanced" mode bug: Fixed issue with custom data source information being lost when saved from edit bug: Repopulate the poller cache on new installations bug: Fix issue with poller not escaping the script query path correctly bug: Allow snmpv3 priv proto none bug: Fix issue where host activate may flush the entire poller item cache security: SQL injection and shell escaping issues bug#0002207: cannot export graph templates bug#0002208: Graphs with CDEFs fail to generate bug#0002209: External auth does not work behind a reverse proxy bug#0002211: creating an index USING BTREE fails ony My SQL bug#0002056: un-initialized datetime used for host status (was: Zero length string !issue#934: Template names missing in graph management list issue#1211: CDEF and VDEF Item Edit do not use correct procedures issue#1250: Language support does not support localization properly issue#1331: Log Rotation should occur at midnight on system issue#1334: Console-(Edit) Permissions checkmark descriptions missing issue#1336: Debian test suite reports php error issue#1338: Allow automation to be run in debug mode from GUI issue#1339: First graph of second page does not render issue#1340: Unable to open Time Graph View in new tab issue#1348: Toggle context menu of Zoom issue#1351: Errorimage does not render on systems without GD ttf support issue#1353: New installation without silently throws errors issue#1355: Single tree can have the order of the tree changed issue#1357: Data Profile disable fields shown temporarily as editable issue#1359: Settings page generates error for removed plugin tab issue#1362: DSStats Avg/Peak function broken due to change in RRDtool processing issue#1365: Plugin Management enforce folder name issue#1366: Improve error/info message display issue#1380: Potential failure when updating script type issue#1384: When installing/enabling plugins, current user and admin should get permissions issue#1386: form_selectable_cell() ignores width if no style_or_class is passed issue#1389: Poller is including plugins that are not installed issue#1390: Plugin uninstall should prompt user before removal issue#1396: Prevent installation/uninstallation of a plugin if dependency is present issue#1397: Distinguish between plugin tabs and core tabs in settings issue: Allow dynamic setting of from name when emailing issue: Data Query Cache filter layout more consistent issue: Minor plugin permissions format change issue: Implementation of error handling causes errors creating New Graphs issue: Deprecated DDStats setting removed issue: Graph context menu items are now context aware issue: Validate spine path before allowing enabling of spine issue: Errored settings fields now highlighted correctly on error issue: Add the Default Device to the Default Tree at install time issue: Secpass password verification error message unuseful feature: Searching of SNMP Index in View Data Query Cache now works feature: Presets now have default device Template feature: Java Script library c3updated (v0.4.21) / (3.3.5) feature: PHPSec Lib updated 2.0.10 feature: Updated Dutch translations issue#114: *all_max_peak* percentile calculations incorrect issue#430: Pressing Back often fails to work as expected issue#564: Fail to move items in graph template as desired issue#981: Hyperlinks for Data Profile stats issue#993: Realtime not working on remote pollers for certain data query issue#1244: Errors importing templates with deprecated hashes issue#1251: Allow zoom out through mouse mmiddle button issue#1281: Max OIDs setting is for bulkget and not bulkwalk operations issue#1286: Correct CHUNKED_ENCODING error when retrieving graph with some browsers issue#1306: Graphs are not always refreshed properly issue#1309: Provide meaningful authentication errors in graph_and graph_issue#1310: Return button fails on change password page issue#1315: Realtime not working on local data collector issue#1316: CDEF Item Value dialog does not update creating items issue#1319: Front end remote poller - connection timeout issue issue#1321: Use RRDtool pipelining functions within DSSTATS issue#1323: Enhance form layout for readability issue#1329: Spelling errors in automation_issue: Validate regular expressions if specified in add_issue: Ensure compression levels are consistent when importing packageissue#1040: PHP version 7.2 - ERROR PHP WARNING: sizeof() issue#1195: Improved Javascript error message handling issue#1245: Unable to reorder graph name suggested values issue#1256: Error reporting of custom errors not displayed correctly issue#1257: Boost excessively logging updates issue#1258: updated to match expected schema issue#1260: Tab images fail to render due to True Type support in PHP GD Module issue#1261: Automatic logout timeout does not apply to web basic authenication issue#1263: CLI utility to validate database schema issue#1266: Inconsistent usage graph Wrapper CSS causes odd graph zoom behavior issue#1268: Regex filters not working properly issue#1274: Host CPU script checks value existance to avoid error issue#1275: SNMP v3 auth Priv fails to work issue#1287: JSON calls return validation error in HTML format issue#1289: Script Server should output parameter array rather than parameters issue#1292: Chrome to aggressively caches Javascript files issue#1293: Correctly identify if command 'snmpbulkwalk' is available issue#1296: Cacti Error Handler does not ignore PHP suppressed errors issue#1300: Automation discovery : New devices added by automation discovery have empty SNMP community field issue#1302: Automatic logout should not be enforced on login page issue#1304: mib_file contains unsafe transactions for binary logging feature: CLI utilily to generate and verify file hashes for installed Cacti files feature: Logging links back to appropriate areas for troubleshooting feature: Logging lists filenames in reverse orderissue#969: Undefined index: color_id / task_item when viewing graphs issue#1166: Fix typo of 'locale' in global_issue#1222: Graphs with large number of items causes RRDTool to error issue#1230: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_max_tree_sequence() issue#1238: SNMP functions fail to handle "Invalid object identifier" error issue#1239: Browser console error in issue#1240: Page layout issues caused by library update issue#1246: Make SNMP Error return more info issue: Missing or corrupted theme files can corrupt user settings issue: Theme may not change until next login issue: Tree edit Tree/Device/Graph drag areas incorrect issue: Make callback error handling compatible with j Query 3.x issue: Ensure the snmp_error is cleared before every call issue: Indicate unknown error when RRDTool returns no error message feature: Update Javascript library:, d3.js, jquery.js, jquery.tablednd.js, jquery.timepicker.jsissue#629: Site reload after delete the last letter in the searchbar issue#1022: Discovery network stuck in "running" state does not return results issue#1164: Version compare function fails on major/minor only versions issue#1166: Invalid New User default language selection issue#1175: Automatic logout inconsistent redirect issue#1179: Warn during installation if installing moving to older version issue#1183: Automatically detect missing Theme and use alternate issue#1185: Layout with Graphs having large number of data columns issue#1189: Allow ability to sort tree list by name asc/desc issue#1190: Enabling, Disabling, Uninstalling plugin, you should page refresh issue#1191: Tree sequences were not set or checked issue#1197: Add more collection intervals to Data Source Profiles issue#1206: Display issue with internationalization number format issue#1210: CDEF and VDEF Items can not be properly edited issue#1212: Navigation breadcrumbs fail to handle External links correctly issue#1213: PHPMailer trying TLS despite SMTPSecure setting issue#1215: Show version when installation prompts for license issue#1217: Add ability to view/edit Input/Query when editing Data Template issue: Named colors fail to import on install or upgrade issue: Drag and Drop issues on multiple pages could corrupt sequencing feature: Enhance filter to permit more glyphs for table headers feature: Add a page refresh dropdown to the Automation Networks feature: Enhanced SNMP v3 input forms feature: Allow Trees to be rearranged using Drag and Drop feature: Trap GUI callback errors and present error messageissue#1155: Non-secure mail setting not functional due to changes in phpmailer issue#1157: Resolve issue with branch permission api issue#1158: Change CLOG to use regex replacement so line details are not mangled issue#1161: Graph View regex's are not preserved during automatic page refresh issue#1162: Error messages are not display when editing a user issue#1166: Default language was not correctly set when editing a user issue: basename function undefined during upgrade to 1.0.x issue: Storage API and translations required for Change password function issue: ALTER IGNORE still throws an error when attempting to drop the primary key issue: Data Source profile form API generates error when system is half upgraded issue: Resolve issue with importing packages feature: Update package versions for Cacti version 1.1.29issue#871: Allow Nth Percentile and Bandwidth Summation to respect ' Base Value' in template issue#965: Duplicate error message and incorrect error code when using LDAP authentication issue#1084: Graph Tree Branch not properly populating when editing report item issue#1104: Datetime formatting in developer debug mode incorrect issue#1106: Template Filters has empty row issue#1109: URL used in redirection when referrer already has parameters in it issue#1110: Add CPU Total to ' SNMP - Get Processor Information' issue#1111: PHP NOTICE when using LDAP authenication issue#1116: Filters not allowing "None" or "All" when editing report item issue#1119: Reduced amount of data fetched for CPU usage to just the data used issue#1121: Bandwidth summation not using correct locale issue#1122: Fix issue with local login / potential password problems issue#1128: Resolve php warning when raising messages issue#1130: Fix logging level issue where logs of same level as setting where not logged issue#1131: Make upgrade_use same version compare as /install/ system issue#1133: Fix issues with variable name and debug log issue#1141: When viewing graphs from list view, pagination causes list view filter to be cleared issue#1143: ss_host_- Division by zero / Invalid Return Value issue#1146: Installation now checks URI path matchs with configuration option URL_PATH issue: Updated Graph pagenation and filter reset issue: Resolve issues with cacti_version_compare() processing issue: Zoom context menu stays open after zoom out actions issue: Paginator object was not always translatedissue#958: User Group Tree permissions not calculated fully issue#959: Issue viewing email reports due to email client decoding problems issue#992: RRDfile naming issues that result from random sorting during export issue#1012: Issue where disabled devices will not appear in Tree editor issue#1044: Handle invalid exclusion regex properly when viewing the log issue#1045: Issue with multiple pages and confirmation dialogs issue#1048: Problem importing vdefs from templates issue#1053: Remote Data Collector now works with https and self signed certificates issue#1055: Errors in data source statistics inserts when invalid output is encountered issue#1057: CVE-2017-16641 - Potential vulnerability in RRDtool functions issue#1058: ICMP Ping to and IPv6 address fails to gather data for ping latency issue#1059: Aggregate item filter should use regular expressions to avoid SQL errors due to flawed filter logic issue#1064: When a Device Template is removed, Automation Templates for that Device Template remain issue#1066: CVE-2017-16660 in remote_logging function issue#1066: CVE-2017-16661 in view log file issue#1071: CVE-2017-16785 in global_Reflection XSS issue#1074: Boost records get stuck in archive issue#1079: Undefined index in lib/issue#1085: Undefined function html_log_input_error issue#1086: Rerun data queries in automation process has no effect issue#1087: cli/add_--proxy option does not work with non-snmp devices issue#1088: Set timeout for remote data collector context issue: Minor performance increase in boost processing issue: Poller output not empty not processed correctly on Log tab feature: Timeout to the remote agent for realtime graphs feature: Updated Dutch translations feature: Database update adding additional indexes for increased performance feature: Updated PHPMailer to version 5.2.26 feature: Updated phpseclib to version 2.0.7issue#841: --input-fields variable not working with add_cli issue#986: Resolve minor appearance problem on Modern theme issue#989: Resolve issue with data input method commands loosing spaces on import issue#1000: add_not recognizing input fields issue#1003: Reversing resolution to Issue#995 due to adverse impact to polling times issue#1008: Remove developer debug warning about thumbnail validation issue#1009: Resolving minor issue with cmd_and a changing hostname issue#1010: CVE-2017-15194 - Path-Based Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) issue#1027: Confirm that the PHP date.timezone setting is properly set during install issue: Fixed database session handling for PHP 7.1 issue: Fixed some missing i18n issue: Fixed typo's feature: Updated Dutch translations feature: Schema changes; Examined queries without key usage and added/changed some keys feature: Some small improvementsissue#966: Email still using SMTP security even though set to none issue#995: Redirecting exec_background() to dev null breaks some functions issue#998: Allow removal of external data template and prevent their creation issue: Remove spikes uses wrong variance value from Web GUI issue: Changing filters on log page does not reset to first page issue: Allow manual creation of external data sources once again feature: Updated Dutch translationsissue#932: Zoom positioning breaks when you scroll the graph page issue#970: Remote Data Collector Cache Synchronization missing plugin sub-directories issue#980: Resolve issue where a new tree branches refreshs before you have a chance to name it issue#982: Data Source Profile size information not showing properly issue: Long sys Descriptions on automation page cause columns to be hidden issue: Resolve visual issues in Classic theme feature: Allow Resynchronization of Poller Resource Cacheissue#950: Automation - New graph rule looses name on change issue#952: CSV Export not rendering chinese characters correctly (Second attempt) issue#955: Validation error trying to view graph debug syntax issue: My SQL/Maria DB database sql_mode NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO corrupts Cacti database issue: When creating a data source, the data source profile does not default to the system default feature: Enhance table filters to support new Cycle plugin feature: Updated Dutch Translationsissue#920: Issue with scrollbars after update to 1.1.19 related to #902 issue#921: Tree Mode no longer expands to accomodate full tree item names issue#922: When using LDAP domains some setings are not passed correctly to the Cacti LDAP library issue#923: Warninga in are displayed incorrectly issue#926: Update Utilities page to provide more information on rebuilding poller cache issue#927: Minor schema change to support Xtra DB Cluster issue#929: Overlapping frames on certain themes issue#931: Aggregate graphs missing from list view issue#933: Aggregate graphs page counter off issue#935: Support utf8 printable in data query inserts issue#936: Time Zone query failure undefined function issue: Taking actions on users does not use callbacks issue: Undefined constant in lib/on RHEL7 issue: Human readable socket errno's not defined issue: Audit of ping methods tcp, udp, and icmp ping.IPv6 will still not work till php 5.5.4issue#902: Correcting some issues with Console and External Links issue#903: Upgrade to v0.7.8 issue#904: Allow user to hide Graphs from disabled Devices issue#906: Create a separate Realm for Realtime Graphs issue#907: XSS issue in issue#910: Boost last run duration generates an error on new install issue#914: Unable to purge Cacti logfile from System Utilities issue#915: Non-numeric data in ss_host_issue#916: Resolve display of errors when encountering ldap issues issue#918: Minor XSS and create generalized escape function issue: Resolve Java Script errors on Login page issue: Resolve Java Script errors on Permission Denied pages issue: Graphs tab would appear in non-classic even if you did not have permissions feature: Updated dutch translationsissue#450: List View to Preview shows no results issue#486: Export Device table results to CSV issue#544: Allow Log Rotation to be other than Daily issue#673: Downtime/Recovery time/date is set incorrectly issue#819: Customized timespans for graphs issue#888: Rebuilding Poller Cache when External data sources are present results in false positive warnings in the log issue#891: unable to connect to My SQL when using port different than 3306 issue#893: Warning messages when duplicating CDEF objects issue#897: Due to browser use of special key, deprecate ctrl-shift-x for clearing filter issue#898: Issue with tcp and udp ping due to file description allocation changes issue: Unable use ipv6 ip addresses for snmp ping in the Cacti GUI issue: Update language of the Rebuild Poller Cache menu pick issue: Broken design for input controls with Sunrise theme issue: Timespan switching not switching to Custom in Preview Mode issue: Log rotation would not occur under certain conditions.= NULL) bug#0002081: In Graph Management, search display graph title breaks when using pattern symbol "/" bug#0002132: need to include with the 0.8.7i and future releases bug#0002134: rebuild_poller_--host-id deletes table poller_item completely bug#0002141: missing BTREE PRIMARY KEY for poller_output bug#0002146: Utilities - graph order for hosts with data query sort option fails bug#0002151: When building HTML forms with sub_checkbox on_change parameter is not used bug#0002152: Issue with filter on graphs_bug#0002153: Cant search for patterns containing a forward-slash bug#0002156: CDEF strings are not escaped before passed to rrdtool command bug#0002158: Minor changes to grammar of displayed messages bug#0002165: Using data input field in data source name (related to 2079 in 0.8.7i) bug#0002167: New poller hook poller_finishing bug#0002172: structure_rra_does not handle disabled data sources bug#0002174: poller_item.host_id has wrong type bug#0002178: typo in include/global_form.php: Mimimum - Minimum bug#0002181: session_unregister (use in functions.php) doesn't exist anymore in PHP 5.4 bug#0002182: When there is no suitable (unique) index, graphs are not shown in data query ordering on host leafs bug#0002189: Proper graph hooks bug#0002191: Refresh issues bug#0002194: changing data query XML does not propagate to existing data sources bug: Fix input validation on cli/api_bug: Fix issue with data source template associate command line script inserting incorrect rra information bug: Fix minor display issue on data source pages bug: Fix minor issue with counting items in the poller_output table bug: Graph settings and settings check boxes do not allow unchecking to be saved bug: Fix minor issue with plugin library caused by non-session bug: Fix SQL error on data input save for non-templated graphs bug: user_log index added to increase performance feature: Merge Plugin Architecture into Cacti feature: Added index to data_template_data to increase performance bug#0001963: Bandwidth summation "total in" and "total out" are always 0 bug#0002040: ICMP ping errors for Windows 7 with PHP 5.3 bug#0002062: Multiple security vulnerabilities bug#0002063: Multiple value poller output incorrectly interpreted as hexadecimal value bug#0002064: Removing "~" (tilde) by sanitize_uri() conflicts with Apache User Dir translation bug#0002066: Graph without host id "Notice: Undefined variable: host_id" bug#0002067: Custom time range filter not working bug#0002068: Missing header include in analyze_bug#0002071: My SQL table poller_item is dropped always when "Data Input Method" is changed or added.bug#0002079: Using input field of a script in graph title does not work bug#0002080: Database password containing "@" does not connect bug#0002083: Adding a new users generates errors in apache logs bug#0002084: Incorrect normalization of hr Storage Table values over 2^31 bug#0002086: Incorrect usage of mysql custom tcp port bug#0002087: PHP recache problems due to missing slashes in reindex table bug#0002093: Unit exponent value of 0 not imported with graph template bug#0002094: CDEF: "another cdef" references not included in template export bug#0002106: Command line add device does not accept "None" for host template bug: Update host template cli script help to fix incorrect options bug: Refresh of Cacti log viewer not working bug: Problems saving User Graph Permissions in IE9 bug: Bandwidth summation fails if NAN values are present bug: Special Type Code "host_id" available in Data Queries by Not Data Input Methods bug: Do not generate error messages when creating non host based graphs bug: Wrong index used for Data Queries using VALUE/REGEXP bug: Fix issue with title variable replacement failing when no host is associated with graph bug: Cacti generating My SQL 1100 Errors when modifying the tree bug: Resolved "Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array" in lib/data_feature: Properly support if High Speed replacement variable feature: Increase granularity of availability options to correct spine bug feature: Replace "event count" with last changed date for host availability bug#0001403: Reapply Suggested Names does not work correctly for graphs and data sources not associated with Data Queries bug#0001568: Remove PHP 5.3 deprecated functions bug#0001584: Concurrent changes to graph tree ordering can corrupt sort values bug#0001626: Symbol ($) does not appear in labels/gprint strings to rrdtool during graph generation bug#0001632: Script server treats quoted arguments with spaces incorrectly as multiple separate arguments bug#0001646: My SQL SSL connection support bug#0001660: Modifying data template values does not propagate as expected bug#0001678: Adding graphs to a device fails to add entries to poller_item if using the script server bug#0001768: Perform consistency check on ds maximum vs.

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