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Carbon dating meteorites

False color image of a slice of the Lafayette meteorite with overlaid X-ray maps of silicon (green), iron (red) and calcium (blue).

"This process could have been an even bigger player when Mars was thought to be a warmer and wetter planet," he added.

The sun was once thought to burn like a coal fire, but physicists showed that it actually generates energy by slamming atoms together and creating new elements.

The primordial cloud of dust that came to form the Earth contained unstable atoms, known as radioactive isotopes.

But a new analysis of a Martian meteorite claims that some of the carbon dioxide disappeared into Mars itself, and not out into space as previous studies have suggested."This is the first direct evidence of how carbon dioxide is removed, trapped and stored on Mars," said Tim Tomkinson, lead study author and a geochemist at the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom.

"We can find out amazing things about Mars from the very small amount of sample that we have." [7 Biggest Mysteries of Mars]Tomkinson and his colleagues probed the history of the Mars atmosphere by analyzing minerals in a tiny slice of the Lafayette meteorite, a Mars rock blasted toward Earth 11 million years ago.

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