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The individuals with limitless aspirations generally will not want to be held back by someone they met in their senior year of college.

So what do we do when we garner that interest in someone, but, for whatever personal reason, decide that it isn’t something that can we can feasibly sustain after college?

Single individuals go back and forth between wanting someone to always be there for them and also wanting to go out and meet new people with no strings attached.

What about the people who feel stuck in between wanting to have someone but also wanting to be independent?

Although natural, this is a cyclical disaster for our emotional stability.

The in-depth profiles and personality-based match features allows singles to find genuinely compatible dates who have similar values and experiences.

The site is easy to join and easy to enjoy, so you can connect to someone in your area in just a few clicks.

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We feel like we are not alone in these thoughts so we wanted to start the conversation among our fellow seniors.

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  1. Even though we come from largely different place, we often end up reaching the same conclusions when it comes to community, relationships, etc. Like, i'm not saying it's bad, but I just can't fathom it, especially from his point of view.