Computer time not updating windows 7

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Computer time not updating windows 7

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Problems disappeared after another quick replacement and letting the computer run for a few hours.

I haven't seen it lately but it is possible that your problem results from a BIOS conflict with your Version of Windows.

iam using microsoft antisoft/antispyware, outpostfirewall. When you turned on the computer the last time, did you check the time in the BIOS setup BEFORE booting into Windows?

If you did, and the time was incorrect, then you have a BIOS problem, which is not unheard of.

the funny thing is before i cold boot i go into the bios to check the time and it is correct then i reboot into windows and its off again. if i boot up on monday and shut off monday night when i boot up on tuesday it still says monday till i update it. Being that bios shows correct time, it can't be your cmos battery if bios shows correct time.

If the time is correct there, but incorrect again once Windows boots up, then Windows is resetting it.

toughguy41--This is not correct behavior, but try something simple which may be a good work around. Select The internet time tab change settings button OK the UAC pop up Use the drop down to select gov Click the update now button.

However, if you just bought the PC and have a warranty, I would contact the place you bought it from. gov just worked for me.ok,just tried this one time is now pm i will keep an eye on this one.

the problem started when i installed win 7 the time was correct.

then all of a sudden the time was off about 1 hour, then 2 hours then 3 and so on.

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You could try booting into Safe Mode first, to see if the problem occurs there also.