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Posted by / 25-Jan-2020 09:00

Even if there are many administrators who make more than the Governor, they will not be the only layoffs to occur as a result of consolidation.

The economic impact to local communities from this lost revenue is another blow to economies already hard hit.

These costs will continue to rise as the cost of gasoline rises, which seems likely to continue over the long term.

In areas where school consolidation has occurred, it has been noted that cons for larger schools include a loss of personalization for students whether troubled or gifted.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and the state’s legislators are considering the consolidation of school districts in order to save the state money.

Quinn has stated that there are 270 school superintendents who make salaries higher than that of the Governor. Governor Sheila Simon in charge of this effort, due to her experience as an educator and concern for the school system.

All of that is before you even begin to factor in such things as “sense of community” or physical safety which can be difficult to quantify, but that we know are greatly enhanced in smaller schools.

The Governor’s office notes that the incentive model has been tried in the past with only limited success, presumably leaving the state with forced consolidation as the primary method.

There are several considerations with the school consolidation issue that do not seem to have gotten the attention of the decision makers, or perhaps they would just rather not talk about them.

Parental involvement is much greater for smaller schools than for larger schools.

This factor is picked up on by children who value education higher when they see their parents taking a personal interest in it.

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