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Cost for selective online dating services

Once an application is given a thumbs-up, it’s referred to the membership department for a more thorough review.

If that review is favorable, the potential member consults with a matchmaker via Skype or Face Time.

This narrows down an already small base of elite daters, but that is exactly why people choose SEI Club.

“On average, our club accepts only about 30% of membership applications,” Phoebe said about the service’s selective process.

Privacy is paramount to many of the club’s high-profile singles, and the service promises to pair members with matches who have a quality education, life experience, and empathy.

“We ask, ‘Do we have an abundance of members who would be a great fit?

’ And, ‘Do we have an abundance of these suitable members who would also love to meet this person? If the answer to both questions is “yes,” the application is approved, and the prospective member moves forward in the process.

“They simply seek a wonderful partner to share life with.” Another option is Age Difference Matched-Dating that introduces older men to younger women.

These relationships are typically between men who are 10 to 30 years older than the women they want to date.

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SEI Club has 11,000 members from around the world, and Phoebe attributes the company’s success to two vital attributes: its matchmakers and its patching options.