Couchsurfing dating site dating filipino men

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Couchsurfing dating site

Since 1915 there is a big effort to rule people by brains alone, and it is VERY successful USA, Iraq, WMD etc. As a compromise I reworded and added both sides of the debate (to show that it's not some huge one-sided problem that CS is constantly fighting). Couchsurfing makes a big deal out of saying it is not a dating site.

The founder 'used' it as a dating site (he met his wife through CS).

To participate, you can edit the article attached to this page, or visit the project page. Removed the external link pointing to "Couch Surfing for Bands" as that site has no association with the Couch Surfing Project being discussed on this page.

From what I understood they were *a bit* embarassed to admit that they deleted the database by mistake and instead vaguely spoke about an avoidable crash. Because they implied that it was their fault and didn't try to blame it on someone else.

Also, "alleged" doesn't mean the writer thinks Casey is lying or bluffing or even wrong!

It just means that the person who wrote that sentence can't personally vouch for whether the error was fatal or not.

Helvetica , 23 January 2007 (UTC) Source coverage: I just retested all the links, and the third one you quoted is the only one that doesn't work--I thought it was a GET and it looks like it's a POST after all.

Is that what justifies reverting the whole thing for you?

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