Dating 101 debunking the scarcity myth

Posted by / 03-Jan-2020 12:14

So often we talk about recruiting as marketing or metaphorically compare it with dating but when I see that image of process and synchronization, I really wish our best practices lent themselves to a manufacturing metaphor.

See, manufacturing is all about operationalizing and optimizing to make a better product in the future.

It’s simple math – with these short tenures, you’re going to turn 25-35% of your millennial workforce every year.We know “culture” is a huge part of the hiring decision.In fact, it’s now one of the top concerns for both job seekers and recruiters when it comes to finding a good fit.According to the same Recruiter Nation Report, 60 percent of recruiters rate culture fit of high importance when making a hiring decision — topped only by previous job experience (67 percent) — trumping other factors like cover letters (26 percent), prestige of college (21 percent), and GPA (19 percent).Moreover, 51 percent of recruiters plan to increase efforts in branding their employee culture in the coming year.

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