Dating a stammerer updating gtk how to

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Dating a stammerer

In 2005, I attended auditions for the Amstel Malta Box Office television show in Abuja.I decided to try it out, not knowing if I could act or not. So, I came for the other auditions in Lagos and that was what necessitated my coming to Lagos.At that time, I was doing it because it was an opportunity to do something and not because it was what I wanted to do. Then, in 2013, I met actress, Rukky Sanda, at a club, and she decided to feature me in the movie she was producing at the time.When I got on set, I developed a cold feet; I gave an excuse to run away but she still called me for another movie she produced.I won’t say how much I charge now but I am well paid as an actor.

I also thank Nigerians because they are beginning to support Nollywood.

However, there are still days it comes and I find it difficult to control myself.

But some directors that know me well just give me a few minutes to calm down. I was paid N50,000 and the title of the movie is Lovelorn by Rukky Sanda.

We just need to have more community houses and cinemas. I have a big picture of what I want for myself and my family.

I want to live a fulfilled life and build people as well.

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My output in the movie wasn’t really good because I had cold feet.