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You may choose to stay away from it, but your roommate might not.(And it can definitely impact your relationship...) If you do choose to participate, don't underestimate the kinds of things that can happen when you are under the influence. Before you go somewhere alone, tell someone where you are going or even better - take somebody with you.Though some are on the exciting side — I'm a firm believer in jetting off to Paris as often as possible, and I'm a serious advocate of bringing your lover along — some are quiet. If you can give and take direction, delegate tasks and have tasks assigned to you, and generally work side by side with your partner in the kitchen, that's a good sign.Controlling people do not do well making a relaxed branzino on a Tuesday night.Unfortunately I'm not rolling in [OK, why not, insert bag of money emoji here].

I've heard of couples traveling together and breaking up as a result, because they find out that they're totally incompatible.Conversely, asking questions about the tough parts of childhood will help you understand your partner as they are now. AND SEXNo matter where you go to school, you might be shocked at the drug and alcohol scene.Chances are great that you will participate in behavior you otherwise would not get involved in. You should familiarize yourself with your college’s sexual misconduct policy and definition of consent and know what a healthy relationship looks like. Maybe you want to do some things differently at college, or perhaps there are some friendships you know you need to leave behind.Freshman year is an opportunity for a fresh start and greater independence.

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Sometimes, truth be told, the whole thing is super overwhelming, but nobody wants to admit that’s the case.

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