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Does the thought of thinking up something creative or new to do for a date completely exhaust you?

Or perhaps, you go on way more first dates than second or third, because you don’t feel like bothering with making new plans, since it’s probably not worth it in the end (see point #1: cynicism! You also might be all swipe and no talk, swiping left and right on your dating app(s), but never caring to turn a swipe into an actual conversation, or follow through to an actual date.

Take your time getting to know the people you date.

If you find yourself fantasizing about your future with a guy after your first date (or even before you’ve met him in person), remind yourself that, while the fantasy can be fun, you don’t yet know him well enough to know if he is a good match for you or if he can meet your needs.

Maybe your New Years’ resolutions have included “find love” for three years in a row, or your thumb is sore from swiping left on Tinder, and maybe you’ve considered staying home, watching and ordering Indian food instead of going on that dinner date because you somehow know it won’t end well — you’re probably exhausted from dating, and I don’t blame you.

We feel so much pressure to be in a relationship, because that’s what our society deems “success” in dating.

You may just need to get to know the person better.If anything even subtly negative happens, you write off your date as a failure and start looking forward to the end of your night where and leftover Indian food are waiting.Do you go to the exact same restaurant or bar for every date or always get a cup of coffee instead of switching it up?So think about how interested or distant you might be coming off, and ask yourself if you’re really interested in your date or not.If you’re not interested, you’re likely to lose all your typical polite etiquette that you learned growing up — you don’t ask questions, your disinterest is obvious, and you’re quick to cut off the date early.

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