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In the past as well as today the United States had provided a great military assistance to Latvia when it was needed.For instance, in 2014 it is estimated that more than sixty-seven million dollars worth of assistance was provided to Latvia by the United States through different military programs.Latvia greatly used all previously gained knowledge regarding economic and political reforms in order to help others embarking on similar issues like Latvia did more than twenty years ago.Latvia greatly focuses on helping others in order f them to achieve a greater prosperity, stability, and security.

Residents of these countries including Latvia are allowed to stay in the United States up to ninety days without obtaining a visa.According to the Satversme or Latvian Constitution, Latvia is a parliamentary republic, and real sovereign power is in residents’ hands, and these citizens are represented by Saeima or unicameral Parliament that consist of hundred members who are elected in secret, general, equal and direct proportional elections for four years.The Latvian Saeima really represents all Latvian residents who make the Latvian law.Latvia ever since the independence is a national state, Democratic socially and legally responsible as well as internationally recognized as an independante country.Latvian laws and residents’ rights are based on fundamental human rights and based on freedom and respect that every human has a right on.

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These two countries share great diplomatic relations since the United States Legation was established in Riga back in 1992. For example the esports betting is already tremendously lucrative and in Latvia you can find game developers, betting companies, international esports events as well as gaming publishers that all target the citizens of the USA.

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