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Dating kentucky mandolins

So, back to the question, “What is a Celtic mandolin?

Nothing is ever clear cut: some makers of more “American” style work have also experimented with the X brace, the best known case, Steve Gilchrist of Australia who makes magnificent mandolins destined for the Bluegrass market, did so by having the X intersection directly below the bridge.Or if replacement is not available, we will fully refund the price of the item.Singlesin is a 100% free Kentucky dating site for singles in Kentucky and worldwide. With a Sobell Celtic mandolin the X brace intersection is placed as high up the body towards the neck as is possible. They also have a structural brace which covers the soundboard centre join starting near the tail and ending shy of the bridge.Here is a picture of one of my earlier mandolin tops in the making: an NK Forster mandolin soundboard, (thanks to Dave Best for the photograph) where you can see not only the “Sobell” centre brace but a Gilchrist inspired pattern, with the X intersection below the bridge.

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Cheap instruments tend to have flat, thin, curved, bent or canted soundboards of spruce or cedar.

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