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(c) The Referrer agrees to post the directional Tools and online advertising as permitted by The Pure Gift only on the website(s) designated by the Referrer and as approved by The Pure Gift.(d) The Referrer shall not transmit any so-called interstitials to Potential Clients from the time the Potential Client clicks on a Qualifying Link until such time as the Potential Client has fully exited The Pure Gift’s website.Commission on currencies other than NZD shall be converted to a currency to be determined by The Pure Gift at the conversion rate applicable at the time of payment to the referrer; or 5.3 How paid: The Pure Gift may pay the Commission in NZD by crediting to the Referrer’s nominated NZD bank Account.5.4 Breach: Commission shall not be paid if the Referrer is in breach of any provisions of this agreement.Any subsequent click-throughs by a Potential Client to The Pure Gift website and or Infusionsoft from any other Referrer’s website within that 30 calendar day period shall not be recorded as a Qualifying Link.(b) Should a Potential Client register as a new Client within 30 days of the first Qualifying Link being registered on The Pure Gift client database, The Pure Gift shall pay a Commission to the Referrer generated from any subsequent Qualifying Transactions.8.3 Referrer obligations relating to other website matters: (a) The Referrer shall ensure that all URL Marks should appear to website users as intended by The Pure Gift and the Referrer shall not permit or assist any other party to modify, copy, disguise or obscure all or any part of any URL Mark, except as may be expressly and clearly permitted by this agreement or by The Pure Gift otherwise.(b) The Referrer agrees not to make any representations, warranties or other statements concerning The Pure Gift, The Pure Gift’s website, any of The Pure Gift’s products or services, or The Pure Gift’s website policies.

Agreement The Referrer has agreed to refer clients to The Pure Gift and The Pure Gift agrees to accept the referrals according to the terms set out in The Pure Gift’s Referral Terms as amended from time to time (Agreement) Commission For each Qualifying Programme sold the Pure gift will determine the profit made by the Pure Gift and pay the referrer a commission of between 15% and 20% on gross profit. Appointment of Referrer 1.1 Appointment of Referrer: The Pure Gift appoints the Referrer to refer Potential Clients to The Pure Gift in respect of the Services, on the terms of this agreement.(c) The Pure Gift will continue to pay the Referrer the Remuneration as set out in section 5.1 for a period of 12 months after Termination A termination of this agreement under this clause will not affect any other rights the parties have against one another at law or in equity. Client information Subject to the terms of this agreement and the Applicable Law, The Pure Gift may use any Client Information for its own purposes and without restriction. Technical responsibilities 8.1 The Pure Gift obligations and rights: (a) Following commencement of this agreement The Pure Gift will provide the necessary The Pure Gift Properties to the Referrer.(b) The Pure Gift may at any time and at its sole discretion remove, alter, or modify the presentation of any Programmes, Web Tools, Apps etc without notice to the Referrer.5.6 Schedule One: Payments and percentages will be made in accordance with Schedule One 6.Term and termination 6.1 Term: This agreement will continue unless terminated under this clause 6.

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2.2 Referral Code: The Referrers Unique Referral Code shall be assigned by The Pure Gift to the Referrer upon commencement of this agreement. Referral arrangements 3.1 Referrals: Referrals may be effected in one of three ways: (a) Inbound, whereby the Referrer shall provide The Pure Gift’s contact information to the Potential Client so that the Potential Client can contact The Pure Gift directly; (b) Outbound, whereby the Referrer obtains a Potential Client’s contact information and consent for The Pure Gift to contact the Potential Client directly; (c) Web effected referral, pursuant to clause 3.2.