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Dating manulipation

We need to teach our girls that just because they consent to something, doesn’t mean their partner has the right to alter the boundaries once it’s commenced.

For those who have endured this deceptive act, I urge you to participate in this conversation, because you should not suffer in silence.

There are a few general guidelines that are common knowledge for when you set up a date: tell a friend where you are, don’t go back to your suitor’s house on the first date, but if the night leads you there, always wear protection.

You can read all the terror tales on the internet, listen to all the advice from your teachers, parents and friends, but when push comes to shove (no pun intended) there is no way to arm yourself for this blind attack: now formally referred to by the as ‘stealthing.’If you’re unaware of what this new phenomenon is, allow me to shed some light with an anecdote from a personal encounter I had just last weekend.

What I have come to understand, after many hours of mentally torturing myself and wondering how I didn’t notice something so obvious until it was too late is that—in a heightened state of sensuality, it’s easy to become completely absorbed in your partner—and even easier to get carried away in the act. Believe it or not, I have caught previous partners for being sneaky enough to slip off the condom mid-intercourse, or pretending to put it on underneath the covers.

Sly, I know—but with little education around the issue, youthful ignorance, and a general lack of confidence—I felt it was my fault for being in that situation in the first place, and just figured, “shit happens.” As time’s gone on, I’ve witnessed and personally experienced various forms of gender-based abuse and sexual manipulation, so I’ve started to educate myself around these issues.

I entered into a physical understanding with specific expectations, I consented to protected sex, and this man took it upon himself to disregard the autonomy of my body and do as he pleased with no consequences. My message is that society needs to change the conversations around this new form of rape.

Education needs to exist in the developmental stages for young boys, so that they don’t grow up with this sense of entitlement.

I knew the relationship was bad, but I couldn’t seem to get myself out of it.I matched with a guy, older than me and the head of a company.He had a charming smile and all his social profiles conveyed a cool, laid back, attractive persona.I recently returned to my hometown of Melbourne after three years of living in New York City.After a month of settling in, I figured it was about time to get back on the dating scene, so I fired up Tinder and started swiping.

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” because it wasn’t a violent encounter, but rather one of manipulation and deceit.