Dating my husbands nephew

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Dating my husbands nephew

I agree that it's probably not the best idea in the world, but if the OP she is going to do it she is going to have to move fast.The critical thing as far as the OP is concerned is to ensure she is financially secure if she ends up with a child and no relationship.My nephew moved in about 1 year back and we have been close ever since he was a kid.

I strongly suspect you're about to get some disparagement from others but lets (assuming its genuine) aim to be constructive instead.I truly loved my husband but with him gone, it has been very tough on me for the past 2 years and ever since my nephew stepped in, its been amazing. He's got a job in a remote place near the countryside and would like me to move there with him where we can start over and begin a new life. The idea is very exciting and since we don't really have much of a family on either our sides, it is very much doable.He wants to take it a step further by starting a family of our own. I want to make him as happy as he has made me and am worried I won't be able to do so considering my age.Women do conceive in the 40s, so that's not impossible either.You also need to ensure you and your child will be financially secure either with your money or the income from his job.

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need advice on handling relationship and pregnancy at this age.

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