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Fredrickson, Al Mohr, Claude Warren, Jim Bennyhoff and Paul Schumacher Recovery, Synthesis, and Reporting: 1990s Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Cultural Resources Inventory Conducted by the Archaeological Research Unit, University of California, Riverside [California State Parks].

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Review of "The Running Springs Ranch Site: Archaeological Investigations at Ven-65 and Ven-261," by Jack Prichett and Allen Mc Intyre, and "Archaeological Investigations at the Ring Brothers Site Complex, Thousand Oaks, California," edited by C.

Review of "An Assessment of the Research Potential of 13 Ridgetop Archaeological Sites in Hunboldt and Trinity Counties in Northwestern California," by L.

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A., Charles "Brad" Mc Kee, Alex Krieger, Bill Wallace, Paul Ezell, Frank Fenenga, Bert Gerow, Martin Baumhoff, David A.

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