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The first Orion spacecraft completes a successful four-and-a-half hour test flight atop a Delta IV Heavy rocket.

Around the same time, NASA and ESA officials report continuing challenges with the Orion service module mean the capsule will not be ready in 2017 as previously hoped.

Members of Congress and NASA Administrator Charles Bolden unveil the Space Launch System design in September 2011. "We're about to—the administrator of NASA, Charlie Bolden, is about to—announce the most powerful rocket in history," said Nelson, as Bolden waited for his turn to speak.

Bill Gerstenmaier, then the director of NASA's space operations directorate, said a test flight would occur at the end of 2017.

And that's ok, but we'd all save a lot of time if they were more honest about it.

It's true - I'm suspicious of both parties, and pretty much anyone elected president.

Sure, NASA in the 1960's had more money, but NASA in the 2010's has the already-existing technology. Ares development fed directly into SLS development (and both started with Shuttle components as their starting points), they didn't throw away the Ares plans and start SLS totally from scratch.

The report also reveals NASA and Boeing were forced to change the way the rocket's liquid oxygen tanks are welded together, causing more delays.A Government Accountability Office report says the Space Launch System is quickly running out of schedule margin to meet its November 2018 launch date.NASA announces Orion has passed KDP-C, which locks in a baseline crewed flight test date of no later than April 2023—a potential slip of two years from previous estimates.Perhaps this timeline will help elaborate on my frustration: THEN 1962 - (Feb) John Glenn, 1st American in space, part of Project Mercury ... (Oct) Kennedy promises to send people to the Moon and back within 7 years 1963 - 1 manned Mercury mission 1964 - 1 unmanned Gemini mission 1965 - 1 unmanned Gemini mission ...5 manned missions 1966 - 5 manned Gemini missions ...

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SLS was announced in 2010, and in the 7 years after that we've seen ... dozens of launches in 3 separate manned programs - several launches every single year - capped by the actual Apollo landings.

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