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Dating sites attractiveness rating

“No rice, no spice” is social networking apps Scruff and Grindr parlance for “no East Asian men, no South Asian men.” Straight people aren’t nearly as upfront about their prejudices on Tinder, but having spoken to several women of colour about their time dating online, they seem to get fewer messages and matches than other women and are frequently racially fetishized when they do connect.

“I’ve personally experienced plenty of this,” Buggs tells me.

On an individual basis, it indicates that people have become much more tolerant.

People are also more polarised by prospective partners smoking (58% Not Important, 40% Very Important) and both genders are less concerned with whether prospective partners drink alcohol (77% Not Important to Somewhat Not Important) in 2018. For example, women consider the income of a potential match as more important than men, but the importance of this trait has decreased over time, possibly in line with increased financial parity.

Researchers next explored which variables could predict ‘success’ in online dating, measured by the amount of communications received.

Now that I’m four years into professional matchmaking, I’ve seen clear patterns emerge when it comes to race and attraction. Women of every racial background seem to strongly prefer dating you.

Asian and Latin women are most popular with the gents.

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For men, displaying more photos increases the likelihood of receiving messages, as does scoring highly on athleticism, agreeableness and altruism.

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