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Dating solutions video

This industry exclusive is a coveted position for those firms generating top revenue in commercial AV installations for the year, and for others, it remains an inspiring achievement to work toward.For the many people working in some other capacity of the industry, the Top 50 is looked upon as an informational tool.A staff of on-site programmers that can adapt technology into your existing workflow?Do they have global reach with data centers both in the US and abroad?We live in a dynamic, competitive marketplace and video solutions can provide that ever so important edge to stay ahead of your competition.Desktop and mobile, live and on-demand, high definition and 4K - IDS offers a wide range of off-the-shelf and custom solutions designed to fit into your existing workflow.Whether it’s a cloud-based service or on-premise deployment, our team of subject matter experts can design, coordinate, install and support a variety of IP video communication solutions for every market.Whether it’s a lecture capture system, a Telehealth cart, video arraignment or multimedia board room our team is there to help develop a system to meet your needs at a price that’s within your budget - and with a 99.7% customer satisfaction ratio we have set the bar high for the rest of the industry.

Customer care after the installation is often the difference between a successful deployment and a stranded investment.

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2018 marks the 5th consecutive year that IDSolutions has been honored with a Best Places to work award.

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With our IDCare program you’ll also be assured your system remains operational and with the latest version of software, so you can focus on your core business rather than the technology that supports it.