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Could just be a strange coincidence that the dates match up.They don't look correct to me either for the same reasons already stated, but as a point of clarification, Marines who went to France as part of the AEF did in fact get army serial numbers stamped on the back of their discs.I can say that the service numbers on the reverse are in a smaller size than the numbers on the obverse. So it could be a US Army tag with the USMC engraved later.WWI Army SN ran up to almost 6,000,000, starting in 1918.In the inter war period and at the beginning of the WW2 the dog tags were not standard issue. ID tags will be issued "in the time of war or other national emergency ....". * Notice - during WW2 the standard issue "Dog Tags" used by USMC were tags of "C" and "D" shape, the wider use of U. ARMY M-1940 "Dog Tag" by Marines started after the end of WW2.Stamped information : Officer’s Dog Tag* Notice - Monel metal is corrosion-resistant alloy of nickel and copper, with small content of iron and manganese** Notice - The early issue Dog Tag had on side one etched hand-written personal data and on side two etchedright index print. On most examples of M-1940 USMC and USN "Dog tags" I had possibility to survey, there is not stamped date of Tetanus shot application, which was stamped to standard tags of "C" and "D" shape during WW2 and thus these tags should be post or very late WW2 issue.

When they are not worn, the identification tags are considered part of the individual's equipment and they are are inspected regularly.The duplicate tag attached is removed at the time of burial and turned over to the surgeon or person in charge of the burial.A record of the same, together with the cause and date of death are made and reported to the commanding officer.They secure the proper interment of those who fall in battle and establish beyond a doubt their identity.Should it become desirable subsequently to disinter the remains for removal to a national or post cemetery or for shipment home, the identification tag suspended from the neck of the Marine is in all cases interred with the body.

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