Datingish xanga

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Datingish xanga

Lizzy 很矛盾,喜歡Giorgio Armani 簡約風格和細膩的時裝設計,但卻不欣賞他多元化的經營,由家俱到花店,由時裝到建築,幾乎無不涉及。販賣極簡生活方式,令極簡成為商業主義的包裝,既減弱了時間感,也忽略人性面貌,一板一眼,沒有底蘊細味,欲偽同此級價錢,使中產者慕名,趨之若騖,視之貴寶,風格正如同它那沒有個性的目標顧客。是的,對於不懂時裝樂趣的人而言,衫即是衫,件件大同小異,甚至不去留心當中差異及趣味,正如那些在中環華麗上班族,髮型.臉龐,服飾,神態都是相差無幾,"個性"在哪? My 9 year old mind couldn’t quite comprehend what the author wanted to say, except that the kind of thinking that the people in the novel had was bad. But I loved it, though I admit that I found it disturbing. There was no place for them in that futuristic paradise. Yet, and I’m sure I remember correctly, all the deformed people are killed or sent away.What I find especially paradoxical about the over-use of this particular accusation is that the speakers of religion are often also considered to be liars or speakers of falsity — but the moment they proclaim what religion they represent, they speak the undeniable truth.

With her twisted leg, Kira will always be unable to work in the fields or contribute to society through hard labor. Though the villagers allowed Kira to live, they openly despised her. After a disagreement with a villager woman, the Council of Guardians summons Kira to be judged.

But Kira finds that things aren’t as perfect as they outwardly seem. We actually don’t find out what happens to Jonas until the book after this one. Lowry crafted the story so well that I could see it in my mind.

It’s deeply horrifying in parts, like the part where Kira finds that the Singer, a man deeply revered and honored in the village, has his legs chained together all the time.

However, she realizes that they have plans for her.

Her almost magical talent, that of weaving and creating patterns with a needle and thread, can be put to good use.

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