Donghae dating jessica

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But SM Entertainment has seen members leave groups before, and unless fans abandon the girl group, it is likely that SM's strategy of letting its older idols go about their personal business will prove to be successful again.--- The views expressed above are those of the writer and do not reflect the opinion of Kpop Starz.However, younger, newer idols are still so reliant on fans and their group identity, that individual relationships are frowned upon.SM Entertainment is becoming much more open to its idols dating, easily confirming relationships when the groups are not at risk.The same, minus the scandals, is true of Girls' Generation.At this point, neither Girls' Generation nor Super Junior risk anything professionally by dating.SHINee has also promoted without individual members, but the group is much more popular as five.

Between different relationships with the fans and older idols, the aging members, and SM Entertainment's self-assurance that Super Junior and Girls' Generation will be successful regardless of individual members' scandals, there's no reason to deny the relationships of top-tier idols any longer.

Super Junior has gone through multiple member shifts as well as the scandal of one member being sent to the army due to drunk driving and fighting.

Regardless, fans still remain loyal and the group continues to release hit after hit.

The handling of the different situations points to the way that SM Entertainment handles its more mature groups versus groups that still struggle for a foothold in the industry.

f(x), while popular, is nowhere near as popular as Super Junior and Girls' Generation.

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