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yep just read them all great stories please do more can you do people like CM Punk The Miz Shawn Michaels Triple H Randy Orton More Morrison and Jeff and Jericho your very good at writing stories please do more I agree that this thread should be kept alive, as I very much would like a separate thread for those that want to see the fakes (this thread) and those who do not like fakes (the general Pro Wrestling thread).However, the problem I see is that there are way too many people who are only posting comments like "We need to keep this thread open" and "will add some more later" and things like that ... If someone doesn't want to add pics to the thread, then don't post anything.Drew Mc Intyre was the youngest guy that was called the Chosen One as a Vince Mc Mahon favorite. Big Show was up last and he was in babyface mode making his first appearance in a MITB match.Here’s the match with Michael Cole, Matt Striker and Jerry Lawler on commentary.Miz ended up beating Orton a couple of times although it was never that clean and they went back to Miz vs.Lawler at the Elimination Chamber PPV before Wrestle Mania.if anyone is interested in an easy way to make fakes with photoshop, just use this youtube video as a guide.

however too many requests in a row, with no pics until 6 or 7 posts later, is going to kill interest in the thread.

Hardy and Christian got involved again with Hardy hitting a Twist of Fate on Rhodes and Christian with a reverse DDT on Kingston. Mc Intyre shoved a ladder over to knock Hardy and Rhodes down. Ziggler back in, he stopped Drew and Drew whipped Ziggler into the ring post.

Kane brought Mc Intyre out of the ring and cleared off the monitors from both announce tables. Kane brought a ladder into the ring and Kingston hit a dropkick into the ladder.

With that being said, since you started the thread, I would make a request to a Moderator to have some of the posts eliminated, in order to clean up the thread and make it more attractive.

There simply is too much text and not enough actual pics being posted.

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There was a brawl to start the match, which led to Cody grabbing the ladder and trying to climb until Show and Kane knocked him down.

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