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Don’t be afraid to use software to make the process easier.Dealing with taxes for multiple work locations can be confusing.Using software that handles multi-state payroll can help.Patriot’s online payroll software can handle taxes for your employees who work in different cities and states. You have an employee who lives in North Carolina and works at one of your locations there.You send that employee to South Carolina for three months of management training at another store.

Withhold taxes for the work state, even though the home state doesn’t have taxes. A reciprocal agreement allows you to withhold taxes for the state of residence instead of their work state for out of state employees. Only some states have state tax reciprocity agreements and only with certain states.

For example, an employee lives in Kansas but commutes to your business in Missouri to work.

Withhold state taxes for the state where the employee works.

Generally, if an employee lives in one state and works in another, you must withhold taxes for the state they work in.

But if their home and work states have a reciprocal agreement, the employee can give you a reciprocal withholding certificate to request that you withhold taxes for their home state.

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