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Go on a date with your spouse – be it out for dinner, coffee or even just a walk – and talk about everything you’re thankful for.Start your own book club for two Is one of your New Year's resolutions to read more?Once you find out who you are, go out and encourage each other in your unique spiritual pathway.Tackle a DIY project Many of us have big plans for DIY projects but we never get around to them.Take a personality test This can be fun simple quiz you’ve found online or a more in-depth tests such as Myers-Briggs.Taking the time to go through and better understand yourself and each other will help you two connect. Discover your spiritual temperaments Set aside time to read the article “9 paths to spiritual intimacy” and figure out which temperament you and your spouse are – perhaps one of you is a naturalist and the other is a caregiver.

” or “What three things have you done in our marriage that you’re most proud of?

Or they’d like to do a pottery class and you’d rather try a new restaurant. First let your spouse pick something they’d love to do that you’ve been dragging your feet on.

Then next time, you get to pick and they get to try something new.

Pictionary or charades Think of words or situations that’ll help you and your honey recall positive memories.

For example, draw the place where you got engaged, act out your first kiss or mime an inside joke.

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