Four square dating

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Four square dating

And there should be no doubt that Foursquare’s best work lies ahead.

By looking closely at the past three years, we can attempt to extrapolate: Foursquare already lets you specify events when checking in at major venues.

Or checking in to a hotel actually checks you in at your hotel.

At the rate Foursquare is moving, the 2012 Scoble envisioned is not so far off.

In 2010, when asked about the future, Dennis Crowley believed that Foursquare was only “10% of what it needs to be.” If asked today — despite all their unbelievable growth — I’d imagine the visionary in him would say it’s still nowhere near complete.

Dennis himself expects the deals companies be cut out of the equation — which could be accomplished through a rumored partnership with daily-deal aggregator Yipit.

Combining discounts with the Plans feature above would be even more enticing for users.

But to meet their vision of “making cities easier to use”, they could re-invent the very foundation of their platform: the check-in.

If Foursquare allows people to broadcast their plans ahead of time, there’s no reason why they can’t be what Plancast tried to become, “Foursquare for the Future“.

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