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The 2 litre engine was augmented by a KKK turbocharger blowing through a pair of Dell'Orto DHLA40H pressurised carburetors and produced 150 bhp (152 PS; 112 k W) in normal tune Alfa Romeo's Twin Spark technology used dual ignition to fire two spark plugs in the cylinder head of each piston bore and was first used in the A. Although developed from the Twin Cam, few if any parts are interchangeable between Twin Spark engines and Twin Cams.

For instance, while Twin Cams have six oilways leading to the cylinder head the Twin Sparks only have two, the timing chain cover is narrowed and the included angle between the valves is down to 46°.

I agreed to help the chair of the Italian Department at St.

In Italian it is known as the "bialbero", and has also been nicknamed the "Nord" (North) engine in reference to its being built in Milan in the North of Italy and to distinguish it from the Alfa Romeo Boxer engine built in the South (Sud) for the Alfasud.

This largest production Twin Cam also had fewer teeth in the ring-gear and 6 bolts holding the flywheel instead of 8.

While this was an aesthetic loss it may have been beneficial in other ways, as some owners reported that the old sump kept the engine and oil so cool that in cold weather it was sometimes necessary to block off the radiator airflow to raise the coolant temperature enough for the interior heater to be effective.

These heads are called "testa stretta" (narrow head).

Some engines also had what was called a "monosleeve" liner, where all four cylinder bore liners are cast side-by-side in a single piece.

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The Twin Spark engine in the 75 also employed Alfa's variatore di fase VVT system which, when combined with electronic fuel injection, gave a power output of 148 PS (109 k W; 146 bhp).