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You can learn how to set this up by following our guide on getting LAMP installed on Ubuntu 14.04.

Once you have fulfilled the above requirements, continue on with this guide.

Before we get the Drupal files and install them into our web directory, we need to prepare our system.

While Apache, PHP, and My SQL have already been installed, we need to make some additional changes and do some tweaks to each of these for our installation.

Actually, we will initially unpack the files into our home directory and then copy them to the appropriate location.

Doing so will give us ready access to the original files in the event that something goes wrong or in case any files are accidentally deleted later on.

Follow our Ubuntu 14.04 initial server setup guide to get a non-root user with sudo privileges set up.

It is important to configure a dedicated user and database for security reasons.We should get this out of the way beforehand so that we do not have to switch back and forth between the web browser and the command line.First, we need to make a new directory under the sub-tree This active settings file temporarily needs some additional permissions during the installation procedure.First, create a database for your Drupal installation to use.We will call our database Now, we have a database and a user, but our user does not yet have permission to perform any actions on the database. Drupal needs a variety of permissions in order to function correctly.

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To begin, log into My SQL: You will be prompted for the My SQL root user’s password that you configured during the installation of that software.