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In their writings, the confused ones, wrote as if they own Ethiopia and as if being an Ethiopian means being Habesha.This article seeks to show the differences between being an Ethiopian and being Habesha.Therefore, why would they not participate in Ethiopians’ beauty contest?And if some uneducated Habesha foolishly believe that they are the owners of Ethiopia and get offended instead of applauding when their fellow Ethiopian from Gambella wins the beauty contest, I suggest that they start holding their own Habesha beauty contest and we, the non-Habesha Ethiopians will not participate in it.Their land (Tigray, Begemdir, Gojam, Northern Shewa, and Welo) was later termed Abyssinia.

The Habesha history goes back to the Axumite Empire in the first century A. Their off-springs were referred to as “Habesha”, which means “people of mixed blood”.

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And as long as the contest was held for Ethiopians, not for Habeshas, the Anyuaks have all the rights to participate in it.

After all, they were called upon to fight side by side with their Ethiopian fellow citizens to defend Ethiopia in times of need.

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What some ignorant Habeshas need to know is that the Anyuaks are Ethiopians by the virtue of geographical birth. Some Habeshas, however, seem to see themselves as more Ethiopians than the others. One thing I learned from my education and professional background is that those who put others down or those who think of themselves as superiors, are actually suffering from inferiority complex unconsciously.