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How can taking professional photos for dating profiles help?Well, first of all, and more importantly, nothing beats letting the pros take your photos – be they for regular family albums or for dating profiles.So you want to start a dating profile but you’re not sure if it’s a good idea to use those old photos of yours (back when you still did not have those crows feet around your eyes! Or perhaps you already have an existing profile in one of those dating websites but you’re not sure whether or not the photos that you have there are working their magic (have there been just a few “online winks” from potential partners?) So now you’re considering having professional dating headshots taken because, quite naturally, you want to attract as many possible potential life partners. Are professionally taken photos for dating profiles really a good idea?After all, professional photographers have encountered a lot of faces and they know what will work and what will not.More often than not, professional photographers are already knowledgeable when it comes to shapes of faces, tilts, angles and shadows.Yes, you might still receive messages from potential suitors…messages containing pieces of advice on how to treat red eyes!Third, professional photographers can advise you of the proper clothes to wear, the setting or environment or even the proper hair and make-up styles.

Your goal may be to help secure that interview, inspire trust in your credentials, or be an invitation for someone to get to know you better.

These days anyone can look you up on electronic media before they even meet you.

To some of us, the image that people see on Linked In is important.

We will discuss clothing, location and the look you want that represents your best self.

You want an image that will make a statement about you.

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Second, (and this is another dreaded horror when it comes to photos for dating profiles) the “red eye.” Unlike point and shoot cameras that have the tendency of producing photos of people with “red eyes,” professional photographers, with the aid of their professional photography equipment such as lighting and DSLR cameras, have a way of avoiding this.

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