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It is easy to join to leave conversations on the app, and you don’t need to share your phone number with anyone at any stage for it.

You can even login to Kik online (though not many know how; here’s a quick procedure), and chat with bots, play games with friends and in general have a good time. For people who prefer a more nerdy touch, Discord is the perfect option.

Being part of the whole Gmail package, it also has the professional touch associated with emailing, and so it can be a great way to keep in touch with business associates and clients, as well as hold video conferencing without having to share personal information like phone numbers or facebook profiles.

Record of all hangouts is also seamlessly maintained in the email account itself.

Using your phone number can certainly enhance your facebook account’s security, but it is in no way needed to connect with your favorite people, organisations celebrities.More apps are expected to join the no-phone-number club eventually. About the author: Shaira Williams writes about technology by day and reads fitness blogs and trashy magazines by night.She fell in love with gadgets and PCs in high school, and still geeks out when she sees the latest Alienware or concept car.You can text, voice call as well as video call, and yet not have to worry about privacy risks associated with sharing phone numbers.The app has yet to catch up with the various features more mainstream apps offer, but it’s still pretty amazing. There’s Blackberry Messenger (BBM) that was once very popular, or maybe Yahoo Messenger will be more to your taste.

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