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Sometimes that male ego refuses them to accept that a woman can physically do things that a male cannot.This means a woman that can out run them, lift more than them, or man handle them down in a full body wrestle, or arm wrestle.Some men like the needy type of woman that will stalk them in the place of a profession.They know that if they screw up you will not feel obligated to stay with them, because unlike the others, you are not financially, emotionally, personally, or in any way dependant on them.They don’t do this by walking around with a chip on their shoulder though; in fact, just the opposite: they are living their life the way they want.You don’t need a man to tell you what your life is worth, and that is awesome.Some men fear long term commitments, and are intimidated when a woman mentions a wedding dress, or children.It doesn’t mean you have these goals with him, it just means you have them.

But if you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with a strong woman, you’ll become your best self, because she is working on being her best self..pass_color_to_child_links a.u-inline.u-margin-left--xs.u-margin-right--sm.u-padding-left--xs.u-padding-right--xs.u-relative.u-absolute.u-absolute--center.u-width--100.u-flex-inline.u-flex-align-self--center.u-flex-justify--between.u-serif-font-main--regular.js-wf-loaded .u-serif-font-main--regular.amp-page .u-serif-font-main--regular.u-border-radius--ellipse.u-hover-bg--black-transparent.web_page .u-hover-bg--black-transparent:hover. Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . A study on the dynamic between male employees and their female bosses, published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that in a lab setting at least, male subordinates felt threatened by their female superiors. However, it’s important to note that men do, in general, seem to be intimidated by female power in the workplace.

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Some women aren’t girly, don’t care much for heels and a dress, or don’t comply with all of the unspoken social rules women abide by.

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