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Jackson Rathbone is an artistic person whose love for art and music always occupied him.

The newlyweds, however, kept with the sideshow theme to let someone else take the spotlight: a sword-swallowing performer, who entertained guests at the reception.is an American actress, screenwriter, singer-songwriter, and model.She is known for playing vampire Rosalie Hale in The Twilight Saga (2008–2012).I always said I believed in love at first sight, but I never really had that feeling before.” One tradition Rathbone seemed more than happy to honor: the removal of the bride’s garter.(And, true to his alter-ego, he used his teeth.) PHOTOS: Weddings with the Biggest VIP Guest Lists “Honestly, at the end of the day, you don’t need a piece of paper to say you are in love,” he told PEOPLE of his wedding plans after his son’s birth.* here is a nikki reed and kellan luts love story please comment for next one or advice* * they are filming for newmoon* who everyone is dating kristen stewart- michael angarnano robert pattionson- camila belle kellan lutz- annylynne mccord nikki reed- none jackson rathbone- ashley greene ashley greene- jackson rathbone *at nikkis house playing truth or dare* *ashley is sitting on jacksons lap and kellan and nikki are sitting on the love seat they are really close they have known eachother for along time they both like eachother but thinks the other one dosent feel the same* ashley: wanna play truth or dare!!??kiss kellan *kellan closes him eyes and puckers out his lips.* *nikki rolls her eyes and laughs and pecks him on the lips* nikkis pov ooohhh i like kissing him hes so funny.

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