Japanese dating strike dontmarry

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Japanese dating strike dontmarry

He's just fine being married to my SIL (they're going on 15 years) so long as there's no kids he has to take second place to. They can go travel - fly to New York for a dinner and a show three or four times a year, or go fly fishing in Wyoming, etc, etc... She works, so she can keep her own account for her own spending, and if she wants really, really wants kids, she's just enough of a "good wife" (they're SBC) not to complain that he doesn't want any competition for his fun.

as a matter of curiosity, do you ever listen to what comes out of some mra's mouths regarding women? Before anyone bites my head off, I said "Some Men". He and my SIL live in a Southern state, and he only got married when he got an minor executive position because that's expected.

Our 3 boys all waited for marriage until after they were 30, because they wanted financial security before they took on marriage.wants what we have.

" or similar as a response I would ALSO respond to that, and I would think it sounded a bit bitter. And oddly enough, I have some friends for over 40 years now, even the ones who have moved away. They feel they have to "grow up" or take more responsibility than they want to. It's all fun and games until someone gets serious or pregnant.

The reason for that being that I find most such people extraordinarily tedious, and converse with them as little as possible. If someone here at DU posted an OP inquiring why fewer women were getting married, and someone responded right off the bat with "Not enough men willing to put up with their shit? I have never had to go through with my friends the lies I went through with my husband.

I just learned that in California, since January 2009, this is now allowed under the California Name Equality Act. My second son on the other hand, will wait to be married. His girlfriend is in the process of acquiring her teaching credentials to become an elementary school teacher, so they're putting career ahead of marriage and children for now, although she definitely does want children. A lot of 20somethings can't even contemplate marriage; they need to get on their feet first and the effed-up system does nothing to help them.

I'm an Oldie, and I jump all over anyone my age who assumes young kids have it totally easy today.

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However, even though it's been a long and frustrating slog raising my three children, the rewards are great, too. Her employer has plans to take my daughter to Holland this month to meet with their investors.